Advanced surface treatments for
superior plastic injection moulds

The EUREKA Super-Moulds project is jointly financed by the Innovation Fund Denmark and the Innosuisse.

The project has started in January 2017 with a total duration of four years. This collaboration of Danish and Swiss partners focuses on the optimization of the plastic injection process by optimizing the mould surface treatments.

Demoulding of complex plastic parts is complicated by sticking and high friction between the polymer and the mould surface resulting in long cooling times to avoid deformation, process interruptions due to cleaning and mould service life.

Super-Moulds final dissemination conference

The project partners in Super-Moulds invited to the final dissemination conference at Danish Technological Insitute in Aarhus, November 5th.

From an impossible project to
automatic demolding

On the 11th of september 2020, the Danish media ‘Magasinet Plast’ brought the article “From an impossible project to automatic demolding”. The article provides a description of an end-user case at the Danish company Michael Lundbech A/S

Michael Lundbech A/S had problems with their subjects refusing to let go of the moulds, in cooperation with Super-Moulds and The Danish Plastics Federation, they managed to make the subjects demould automatically with help from advanced coating and ion-implantation of the mould.

Read the article here: From an impossible project to automatic demolding

Project goals

The Super-Moulds project aims at identifying the optimal combination of surface texturing, coatings and plastic material for diverse part geometries.

Surface texturing will be based on polishing, blasting techniques, electrical discharge machining (EDM) and laser surface texturing (LST).

The coatings will be prepared with different surface chemistries and/or morphologies by industrial-scale physical vapour deposition (PVD) in combination with ion implantation. Read more


The Super-Moulds consortium consists of partners from Denmark and Switzerland and includes universities, research organisations, small and medium-sized enterprises and industry partners specialised in various aspects of surface treatment, coatings and polymer materials for injection moulding. Read more


The work in Super-Moulds will be documented in a range of articles and publications, that can be found here.

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