The aim of the Super-Moulds project is to reduce the adhesion and friction between plastics and moulds in traditional injection moulding and plastics moulding by using advanced surface coatings and surface textures. The surface treatments will lead to an increase in the efficiency and lifetime of the moulds as well as a significant improvement in the quality of the moulded plastics. The new solution is further expected to extend the stable process window, which will enable the production of hitherto unattainable products.

Adhesion and high friction between plastic and mould complicates the moulding process associated with traditional plastic injection moulding and plastic moulding. This requires long cooling times to avoid deformations of the moulded workpieces and leads to process interruptions in cleaning as well as reduced mould life.

The project will develop moulds for plastic injection moulding and plastic moulding with high performance, enabling a productivity increase of up to 50%, while significantly increasing the quality of the moulded workpieces and the lifespan of the moulds. This will help ensure that production can be maintained in high-wage countries such as Denmark and Switzerland.

The Danish Innovation Fund and the Swiss state fund SERI have come together to finance the partners behind the Super-Moulds project under a joint EUREKA framework. The Innovation Fund’s investment is thereby geared at 50 percent, and the project ensures a significantly better opportunity to market the new technology globally.

In the project, the existing empirical knowledge in the field is being continued for a quantitative mapping of surface treatments and mould geometries for various types of plastic via a recently developed industrial test set up under the auspices of a recently completed Eurostar project (E7412 Super-Slip). Based on this mapping, new surface coatings and surface textures will be developed which will significantly improve the mould’s slip properties.

With the Danish and Swiss investments, a strong consortium that integrates the entire production chain from leading raw material manufacturers to the production of advanced injection moulds for demanding end users has been established.

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